Saltfleet Haven & Howden's Pullover

Bonxie & fish - but what's the fish? Any ideas greatly appreciated as I know jack about fish!

Crap record shot I know but if you click the image you can make out the generally dark colouration to the upperparts along with rufous tones & spotting + restricted white wing flashes - indicating a 1st-winter bird.

Decided to have a look at Saltfleet Haven & Howdens Pullover today. Sightings for the day as follows: 3 Great Crested Grebes, 15 Red-throated Divers, masses of Cormorants, 1 adult Gannet, 30 Pinkfeet west, 2 Hen Harriers (male & ringtail), Peregrine, Merlin, Short-eared Owl, a Great Skua harrassing the gulls on the beach, then checking out a fish on the beach before heading N (no doubt the bird reported feeding on a seal carcass at Donna Nook yesterday), Water Pipit & 106 Snow Buntings ( i'd best tell the Daily Mail quick! - see prev post).


  1. Hi Chris, your fish is a Ray's Bream or Atlantic pomfret ( Brama Brama) apparantly quite common to sea them washed up on the North Sea coast.

    Sea link


    Russell Hayes

  2. Thanks for the info Russell. Also thanks to Steve Routledge who came up with the same answer. It was interesting to find that the native waters of this species is Spain, Portugal & NW Africa though it annually moves north in varying numbers during winter. 50 were wrecked at Filey on 31/12. The fish turned out to be my rarest sighting of the day.


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