Egypt - bits & bobs (part two)

The underwing and upperwing of another butterfly I can't ID

Birding was often hard work, you could walk for ages in the barren desert without seeing a thing - come to think of it, just like a lot of the Lincolnshire countryside

Some very important people and John Major

Me not next to the North Sea

Sunrise at our hotel

random Egyptian waiter and...

....the Mrs. I explained to the waiter I would accept just 2 camels... but he still wouldn't take her

The entrance to our hotel - in stark contrast to that B & B I once stayed in at Southend-on-Sea

A big thank you to Stella who went down very nicely..... the local beer was to be a constant friend of mine during my 2 week stay. No relation to a famous beer from Belgium.

I found a reliable & very reasonably-priced taxi driver for my birding trips - meet Mohammed.
If anyone is going to the Sharm El Sheikh region give me a a shout & I'll give you his tel no. He will take you wherever you want to go at any time of the day or night. He now understands what us birders are all about (though at our 1st meeting he did call me "Crazy Man" when I explained I wanted to spend 7 hours in the desert).
PS - A bit of advice if you do get in a taxi in Egypt - close your eyes & pray

I had a (plain clothes) police bodyguard for 4 hours while I was birding at Nabq National Park. As you can imagine, I wasn't in the most relaxed state of mind for those 4 hours. We got on very well though - he even gave me a cake bar.

Smart fish

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