Egyptian highlights

Record shots of Striated Mangrove Green or whatever it is Heron & Ortolan Bunting

White-eyed Gull.
(the best I could do with the poor light)

Western Reef Heron.
White birds were clearly the most common of the two morphs.

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
1 of 3 passing through on a golf course

The 1st time I'd seen a summer-plumaged Bluethroat - what a stunner

Spur-winged Plover - a noisy but beautiful wader

Carrot-billed Terns regularly patrolled the beach

Indian Silverbill. Not the most stunning of birds but a new one for me all the same. A surprise find seeing 2 birds mixing with the sparrows in the hotel grounds . The bottom pic shows the diagnostic white uppertail coverts which separate it from African Silverbill. Indian Silverbill has established itself in the wild after likely originating in this part of the world from escapes.

Citrine Wagtail
I seem to have a knack of finding this species. Found one in Kos last year and this bird - the only ones I saw on each trip. I now just need to find one in the UK!

Having only seen a White Stork in North Yorks many moons ago (truly wild of course), it was great to stumble on the above bird. I then looked over a sand bank and saw this impressive sight...

Over 300 White Storks were here in total and it was a memorable sight over the next few hours to watch groups of them take to the air and spiral high over the nearby mountains.

White-crowned Black Wheatear

I woke up each day to the sound of 2 species - House Sparrow and the above. Laughing Dove was common & most birds were quite tame with birds often perching on chairs right next to people (see top pic). Far more Laughing than Collared Doves seen.

Red-throated Pipit - nice & easy to ID when they look like this


  1. Superb set of images Chris - looks like you had a good trip.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Yep, it was a good trip, birds, weather,food, drink - all good (& the "scenery" at the hotel wasn't bad either :-))


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