Lincs birding Update

Not out birding today - my body wouldn't take it, probably something to do with getting in at 4am after a night on the town (well I am only 36 you know & not quite ready for bingo just yet).
Thought I'd have a look at what's currently happening on the Lincs birding scene. The vast majority of records are not surprisingly coming from the southern county sites of Freiston & Frampton, not surprising as the RSPB have invested considerably on creating ideal habitat on these 2 reserves - bet it's a bit of a "dude fest" down there though. Here in the north of the county we have to work a little bit harder (no such "on a plate" RSPB luxuries here).
So what birds are around? Single Red-necked Phals at each of the above sites and a plastic goose - was a Ross's Goose, in the company of Canada Geese & at the end of May, going to be anything other than plastic?
Barton area and the Tetney to Rimac stretch quiet. Gib quiet (less records coming from here than Frampton and Freiston).
Surely there must be a Broad-billed, Kentish or Terek out there somewhere so I'll try to do my bit tomorrow. Be sure to check back for full details of my imminent failure.

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