Stonebridge to Grainthorpe Marsh

Not much to shout about today. 3 Whimbrel were on the marsh. A Short-eared Owl was still at Pyes. 2 Cuckoo, 5 Wheatear, Lesser Whitethroat & plenty of Whitethroats. On the butterfly front I had my 1st Green Hairstreaks of the year. Finally after all the years I've been going to Pyes I did come up with a patch mammal tick...

Pyes Wildcat (record shots) - a patch tick
As you can see from the bottom shot the individual is unringed & has no neck collar. It was extremely wary and within seconds of clocking me it bolted into the main bushes south of the haven. At no point did it respond to silly noises made with my mouth. Note the black & white plumage, pink nasal area & piercing eyes.


  1. on a second inspection the "wildcat" has a look to kill in it's eyes, i am more than certain you was lucky to get away with your Bino's in tact, is this a new camera in action do i detect?

  2. You gripped me there Chris, thats not either of the Semi Wildcats I've seen at Stonebridge or the RAF. Not too much of the panther look about it either.

  3. Thats not the one I've seen, you gripped me! Phil

  4. Jan Allex de Roos3 May 2009 at 15:17


    I observed a male Citrine Wagtail in Kos (wetland Lambi) on Friday May 1. When did you see yours there and have you any idea of this species' status in Kos?


    Jan Allex de Roos

  5. Anon - the pics were taken with my Canon 40D (with 300mm F4 + 1.4x converter), but you are right, I do have a new (compact) camera - stay tuned over the coming weeks for pics taken with the new gadget :-)

    Phil - no sign of the feline character today. You could try & lure it to your garden with KitEKat(then you could even attempt to trap it & collar it so we can monitor its movements :-)

    Jan - my Kos Citrine Wagtail was at Tingaki saltpans on 15/5/08. I could see no previous trip reports with Citrine on but I suspect they are a regular passage migrant on the island, its just that Kos is clearly underwatched, with most birders opting for Lesvos - where Citrine is recorded most years.


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