12 things that will happen along the Lincs coast this autumn

1. You will have a skulky LBJ that won't give itself up, you jus't cant make much out on it, an eternity passes by & finally, to your utter frustration, you realise it's just a...

...Garden Warbler

2. Someone will claim a Little Bunting and no-one else will see it.
3. A flyover Red-throated Pipit will be claimed on call but never even heard again, never mind seen on the ground.
4. 1000's of turdidae will pour in off the sea and through Lincs but no rare thrush will be found.
5. You will have another skulky bird that just won't give itself up, you spend ages on it only to eventually find its just one of these...

6. This will turn up on Seacroft golf course at Skeggy...

7. The winds will be howling westerlies on the week you have booked off work.
8. One of those dull, boring, possible eastern-type Lesser Whitethroats will be claimed by someone, somewhere.
9. A quality Sibe will be found on your patch the day after you've worked it.
10. The "Tasty Treats" burger van at Donna Nook will start to once again make a killing.
11. Hardly any Bluethroats will turn up & old school birders will recollect days when they were a common sight in autumn.
12. Another autumn will pass by without me adding this to my Lincs List...

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  1. Nice one Chris, the Garden Warbler was a great treat.


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