Horseshoe to Seal City 6/12/09

I need to shed a few pounds (no comments!) so decided to walk from Horseshoe and on to the patch as far as the Seal Mecca at Donna Nook. The weather was sunny but a moderate SW didnt help. Highlights were: 3 Pale-bellied Brents, 1 Peregrine, at least 1 Merlin, 2 Barn Owl, 102 Twite & a Lapland Bunting. A passerine that flew past giving the impression of hardly any tail had me thinking Woodlark but after working my way through a waterlogged field in walking boots and thus getting my feet and legs well and truly soaked, I managed to conclude it was just a tail-less Reed Bunting!
Sight of the day was watching a Merlin persistently trying to catch a small passerine, then out of nowhere a Peregrine appeared and had a brief swoop at the passerine. In the mayhem that ensued the passerine escaped and the Merlin, no doubt unhappy at the intervention of the Peregrine, went chasing the considerably larger raptor off it's patch - feisty little characters those Merlins!

The entrance to Donna Nook car park.
The pictures above & below show the reasons why I generally don't visit my patch in winter

How much for a seal burger?

As the sun goes down so the temperature plummets on the coast

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