Sea View

Gave Sea View some stick for a few hours. Skeins of 18 & 70 Pinkfeet through, 2 Peregrine, single Redstart, Reed Warbler & a Grey Wagtail over - a poor return, but then it was far from ideal conditions with light westerlies on a clear sunny day (but nice weather to be out in all the same).
Plenty of Migrant Hawkers & Common Darters also enjoying the warm sunshine today.


Put plenty of effort in today covering Stonebridge to Pyes, Sea View & Rimac to Churchill Lane but with not much reward. 107 Pinkfeet south, 2 Greenshank, Common Buzzard, Merlin, 2 Yellow Wagtail, 2 Stonechat, 3 Whinchat, 5 Redstart, 3 Chiffchaff & a Lesser Whitethroat were the best of the day. 160 Linnets at Pyes was a good count. A possible Icky was seen briefly by fellow birders at Sea View but soon disappeared. Interesting by their absence, I didn't come across a single Whitethroat or Willow Warbler today.

Not often you see high tides as big as this on the patch - looking north & south from Stonebridge

12 things that will happen along the Lincs coast this autumn

1. You will have a skulky LBJ that won't give itself up, you jus't cant make much out on it, an eternity passes by & finally, to your utter frustration, you realise it's just a...

...Garden Warbler

2. Someone will claim a Little Bunting and no-one else will see it.
3. A flyover Red-throated Pipit will be claimed on call but never even heard again, never mind seen on the ground.
4. 1000's of turdidae will pour in off the sea and through Lincs but no rare thrush will be found.
5. You will have another skulky bird that just won't give itself up, you spend ages on it only to eventually find its just one of these...

6. This will turn up on Seacroft golf course at Skeggy...

7. The winds will be howling westerlies on the week you have booked off work.
8. One of those dull, boring, possible eastern-type Lesser Whitethroats will be claimed by someone, somewhere.
9. A quality Sibe will be found on your patch the day after you've worked it.
10. The "Tasty Treats" burger van at Donna Nook will start to once again make a killing.
11. Hardly any Bluethroats will turn up & old school birders will recollect days when they were a common sight in autumn.
12. Another autumn will pass by without me adding this to my Lincs List...

Stonebridge to Pyes Hall

In contrast to yesterday when the weather was sunny & warm with light winds, today was dull with a strong, chilly N - NE breeze. Unfortunately it soon became clear that nothing had come in on the winds, what few birds there were kept a low profile. Best I could manage on the Stonebridge to Pyes stretch was a single Pink-footed Goose (my 1st of the autumn), 1 Greenshank, 1 Chiffchaff & 2 Lesser Whitethroat.
In the next 2 months Donna Nook/Pyes should come into its own & show why it is one of Lincolnshire's top migrant hotspots & weather forecasts show Tues & Wed could see the first goodies of the autumn making landfall.

Barred Warbler

Plenty of birder coverage on the coast today. Donna Nook & Pyes were generally very quiet with nothing of note being caught in the nets north of the RAF base nor at Quad 3. I managed only a Tree Pipit, Whinchat & a Kingfisher. A Pied Fly had been seen at Pyes.
I dropped back onto Horseshoe to take in the Barred Warbler found by Dave Bradbeer & Steve Meek. The bird proved to be a typical Barred - very skulky! I saw the bird briefly perched but otherwise I only had several flight views. The bird never called. This was my 5th Barred & my first since the very late Covenham bird back in Dec 2004. 2 Marsh Harriers were also seen from Horseshoe & a Whimbrel heard.


Had a look at Cleethorpes after work this evening. An adult & 1st-winter Med Gull were present, the latter bearing a green ring, the code couldn't be read but the bird was ringed in either Belgium or France. 174 Common Scoters went upriver while only 6 Common Tern & 2 Sandwich Tern were noted.

The King finally pays a visit to Lincs

Having heard stories of strange folk in the deepest, darkest south of the county including the one about brothers & sisters being far closer than they should be, I had successfully managed to resist visiting the area so far this year. However, when an eclipse drake King Eider (a 1st for Lincs) had been found the previous evening & was still there today, my resistance finally crumbled. The eider was never close but close enough to see the diagnostic orange bill with swelling at the base. The bird also showed a whitish breastband & small white patches could be seen on the forewings. It only loosely associated with the Common Eiders, always keeping a little distance from any of this species. It is in heavy moult and appears unable to fly.
Also seen: 3 Marsh Harriers, Peregrine, Merlin, Barn Owl, 5 Dark-bellied Brent Geese, 2 Whimbrel, 2 Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, 10 Little Tern, 4 Wheatear & 35 Yellow Wagtail. Finally, a remarkable 240 Little Egrets roosted - the most Little Egrets I've ever seen in one place.
This brings my half-hearted Lincs list to 292, not bad considering I work Mon to Fri, 9 to 5 + I've missed birds like Collared Pratincole & White Stork because I quite simply couldn't be arsed to make the trips at the time.

On arriving in the Lincolnshire fens, the locals started coming out to greet me.
The chap below was particularly keen...

Dark-bellied Brent Goose - my 1st of the autumn

The most remote bird hide in Lincs?

The Boston fleet return up the River Witham

Black-tailed Godwit (race islandica) - wonder what movements this colour-ringed bird has made

Finally, a big thanks to Six Fingers Steve for giving me directions when I got a bit lost...

Covenham Reservoir

Moderate SW's with rain this evening meant that taking cover at Covenham Res Watersports Club was the sensible option. An adult Yellow-legged Gull & 8 Black Terns were the star birds. 1 Common Tern, 2 Common Sandpiper, a flyover Little Egret, 1 Swift & 1 Yellow Wagtail were the other noteworthy birds.

Stonebridge to Pyes Hall 31/8/09

Strong SW's again! An Osprey was out on the humber to mid pm at least, a Marsh Harrier came in off while another was over Grainthorpe Marsh. 2 Greenshank were down the haven at Pyes. 3 Wheatears & a Swift in off were also logged.