Black -throated Thrush in N Yorks

Made a trip out of the county today along with Steve Routledge, Dave Wright & Nigel Genn, to see the 1st winter female Black-throated Thrush. We braved the wind and rain (which never eased off all the time we were there!) and was watching the star bird from close range just after 1st light in a garden at Newholm, which is 2 miles west of Whitby. She has been present in the garden since the 10/1 and feeding on the handouts left out for her, seeing off any Blackbird that dare enter the garden. This behaviour mirrored that I witnessed 13 years ago when I saw my only other Black-throated Thrush, also in January - a 1st winter male present in a Chesterfield garden. It was great to see another one of these Sibe thrushes after all this time.
Also saw 2 redhead Goosanders on Hackness Lake, 4 Nuthatches & 3 Marsh Tits at Forge Valley feeding station, before moving onto Scarborough where a pair of Peregrines were next to Marine Drive and 5 Med Gulls (3 x ad, 2 x 2w) gave fantastic views right next to the car at their traditional winter haunt of Holbeck Car Park.

The most frustrating part of the day was not getting any shots of the Black-throated Thrush. The bird gave very close views but the rain was just too heavy and I wasn't going to risk using a non-waterproof camera! The Meds were viewed from the car so I made the effort to get some shots for the day...

Adult Med Gull

Adult Med head

2nd winter Med Gull


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