Donna Nook/Pyes Hall 17/01/10

Struggled to get my ass out of bed yesterday morning so was a bit late onto the patch & actually only spent 3 hours there. Had a look at the sea, then realised I shouldn't have bothered as there was absolutely no notable species, though I couldnt help but notice a mass movement of Herring Gulls heading upriver. Best bird of the day was the ringtail Hen Harrier at Pyes - my 1st for the patch this winter (none in the autumn either). At least 2 Pale-bellied Brents were present and I would have probably had more amongst the dark-bellied flock had a Peregrine not gone through the lot and caused them to fly off. Merlin also seen as well 117 Pinkfeet south (skeins of 67 & 50).

Found the above on the beach at Donna Nook. Not being one to shy away from trying to identify & appreciate new things, I've done my homework and come up with it being Common sunstar Crossaster papposus.


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