Winter & spring collide

Apart from first thing this morning, the day was dull with a cold northerly wind increasing through the afternoon, hardly a day to be looking for adders - the UK's only poisonous snake. However, I was very surprised to find 2 individuals above ground at one of only a few reliable sites for this reptile in Lincs - a reptile that is sadly declining within the county.
Birds seen today were: Common Buzzard, 2 Egyptian Geese, 15 Common Crossbill, 12 Siskin, 6 Redpoll & 5 Green Woodpecker.

The good news was that the cold temperatures meant the Adders were very sluggish and quite approachable. The bad news? - dull light was always going to hinder photography

When an Adder is coiled up, it's hard to appreciate how long they are - this shot give's a more accurate reflection (click pic to enlarge)

Snowdrops are very conspicious at this time of year


  1. Fantastic shots of the Adder Chris. Looks a lot like the Australian Northern Death Adder I saw last week.

  2. Nice Snakes Chris


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