Arizona 2011

Started trawling through my Arizona photos from earlier in the year - here's a few for starters...

White-breasted Nuthatch

Acorn Woodpecker - the most common woodpecker we encountered

American Robin - a species Lincs birders remember well

Wilson's Warbler

 Yellow-rumped Warbler  - along with Wilson's, the most common warbler species 

Wilson's Phalarope - one of 386 on Wilcox lake, a memorable sight!

 Red-tailed Hawk



  1. I love all of them, especially Wilson's Phalarope and the Rattlesnake that goes slithering around. Brilliant photos.

  2. Thanks for the comments Bob - a few more to come when I get chance. 386 Wilson's Phals on one lake was a fantastic sight. The Western Diamondback snakes were impresssive beasts!


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