Relaxing on a lovely summer's day by the tide edge with these fellas

Donna Nook 28/07/12

An afternoon visit to Donna Nook produced a Common Sandpiper on the outfall at Pyes, a couple of flyover Yellow Wagtails, Marsh Harrier west over Stonebridge car park, an immature Peregrine playfighting with the gulls on the mudflats and my 2nd Curlew Sandpiper of the autumn. A Red Admiral butterfly was at the base.

Adult Curlew Sandpiper

Sea Lavender provides a colourful carpet over the saltmarsh

This immature Peregrine was causing chaos on the mudflats but appeared to be playing rather than seriously looking for prey, it even decided to have a few swoops at a Herring Gull.

Woody Nightshade (also known as Bittersweet)  
Related to the more well-known Deadly Nightshade, it also possesses berries that are poisonous to humans

Horseshoe Point 21/07/12

Had a walk out on to the mud flats at Horseshoe in the afternoon with the best bird being a moulting adult Curlew Sandpiper with a flock of only 10 Dunlin, Whimbrel were clearly on the move with a total of 8 birds moving through. The only other noteworthy birds were 9 Common Scoter heading upriver, a Yellow Wagtail and a Dutch-ringed Oystercatcher.

Curlew Sandpiper

Oystercatcher all blinged up with Dutch rings

Calandra Lark

Calandra Lark (SE Turkey 2012)

Twite (E Turkey & Caucasus race brevirostris)

Twite (race brevirostris)
 The pale underparts & well-defined dark markings on the breast are clearly visible here - very different to British birds!

Some shots from my SE Turkey trip 2012

 Dead Sea Sparrow

 Black Kite

 Paddyfield Warbler

 Black-headed Wagtail

Snow Finch