Local Birding 04/01/14

A day of birding close to home today. The weather was awful - constant rain until mid-afternoon and poor light with it. The wintering 1w Iceland Gull was seen briefly on the offal skip at Kirwin Bros on the North Wall of Grimsby Docks, with an adult Med Gull providing the supporting cast. Next stop was Cleethorpes Country Park to see the juvenile Black-throated Diver which was found the previous day - an impressive record considering the amount of disturbance this area receives. I expected the diver to spend most of its time in the middle of the lake but was pleasantly surprised to see it favouring a channel to fish in close to land. All the plumage features were duly noted and Pacific Diver was ruled out. Also seen in the area were a confiding redhead Goosander and Kingfisher.

Black-throated Diver (juvenile)

Kingfisher on watch

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