If at first you don't succeed, try again

I just had to go back the following day and have another go at seeing the White-billed Diver. There have been only 2 previous records in Lincs - an adult found dead at Friskney Marsh in 1976 and the adult bird on the River Witham at Tattershall Bridge in 1996 - the later taken into care having swallowed an angler's bait and subsequently died. The latter bird was taken into care on the day I was going to see it. I had also dipped on one in NW Scotland in 2000 so you can see I was keen to finally see one!
I parked at Southrey as the diver had cleared moved north along the river the previous day - of course it turned out this morning it had moved back south again so a long walk south from Southrey it was then. The trek proved to be well worth it as eventually I had amazing views of the juvenile White-billed Diver. It didn't seem that bothered by all those there on the riverbank watching or photographing it, actually coming up close to us from dives at times. What a way to see my first ever White-billed - a memorable experience. Here's hoping this bird doesn't suffer the same fate as that 1996 bird.
I really liked the habitat along the River Witham - an area I hadn't visited until yesterday. I decided to take advantage of the fine weather (very cold but sunny with light winds all day) and stayed for a few hours birding along the river.
I noted 15 Goosander (13 drakes) and a ringtail Hen Harrier between Kirkstead Bridge and Southrey.

White-billed Diver (juvenile)

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