Whisby and the Witham 21/01/17

At Whisby with JF, TH and IS today for a joint LBC/LNU talk though we would not get to attend the talk. We had a good look around the Whisby reserve with a Green Woodpecker, c25 Siskin and a single flyover Redpoll being the only highlights.
Around midday news came through of a White-billed Diver nearby on the River Witham, close to Kirkstead Bridge. Three of us had never seen White-billed Diver before (me included), in fact the last record for Lincs was amazingly on the same inland river some 21 years ago!
We drove straight to Kirkstead bridge and walked a good way north of where the diver had been reported but there was no sign. We eventually left the area frustrated - no diver and too late to get back to Whisby for the talk.
We decided to try and salvage something from the day by heading to Kirkby Pits for the trio of good birds there and thankfully all were still present - the drake Ring-necked Duck on Riverslea Pit (though it spent most of the time asleep!), the Great White Egret seen and the 2CY Glaucous Gull that's been in the tip area for sometime. A Scaup was also seen on Riverslea Pit.
Got home to find the White-billed Diver had been found close to dusk just a little further north than we had walked - grrrgh!!

 Iron sheep showed well at the River Witham but frustratingly a White-billed Diver didn't

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